ControlNet: Igniting Artistic Potential with AI-Powered Precision

ControlNet: Igniting Artistic Potential with AI-Powered Precision

What is ControlNet?

ControlNet is an AI model developed by AI Labs at Oraichain Labs. It is a diffusion model that uses text and image prompts to generate high-quality images. ControlNet differs from Midjourney in several key ways, namely in developing an open-source model, image-to-image, and fine-tuning parameters. At the same time, Midjourney offers less control over the generated image.

Beyond that, creators or owners who engage in ControlNet possess a huge potential to revolutionize the way they create and consume visual content via a decentralized marketplace, which allows Mint to own on blockchain and Trade to earn on the market. Thus, ControlNet within the aiRight ecosystem delivers artistic experiences beyond boundaries while preserving the creatorship and ownership of artworks or prompts. Let’s discover what’s inside ControlNet and how to investigate this incredible AI model 👇

Understand the distinct ControlNet models

ControlNet helps determine how the output (your artwork) is changed to the most desired. But first, understanding the control of Stable Diffusion with types is essential;

  1. Canny or Canny edge detection: a general-purpose, old-school edge detector. It extracts the outlines of an image. It is useful for retaining the composition of the original image.
  2. Line_Art: while Canny specifies edge detection generally, Line_Art is a perfect choice for sketching, especially for the anime style. A few more line art preprocessors are used, such as Line_Art anime (Anime-style lines), Line_Art anime denoise (Anime-style lines with fewer details), Line_Art realistic (Realistic-style lines), and Line art coarse (Realistic-style lines with heavier weight)
  3. Soft_Edge: akin to Canny Edge detection but offers softer transitions. Soft Edge is ideal for images where you want edge detection without harshness, ensuring a smoother visual appeal. Edge detection results in softer, more natural-looking edges.
  4. Pose: identifies the position and orientation of the human body within images. By manipulating the pose parameter, artists can guide the overall aesthetic and presentation of the artwork, adding an element of creativity and customization to the generated output.
  5. Depth: The depth preprocessor guesses the depth information from the reference image. By controlling the perception of depth within the artwork, the Depth parameter adds a three-dimensional effect, enhancing visual richness.
  6. Normal: specifies the orientation of a surface. For ControlNet, it is an image that specifies the orientation of the surface each pixel rests on. Instead of color values, the image pixels represent the direction a surface is facing. The usage of normal maps is similar to the depth maps. They are used to transfer the 3D composition of the reference image.

What is the Cfg Scale?

The Cfg Scale or Classifier Free Guidance in ControlNet adjusts how much the image looks closer to the prompt and/ or input image. If the Cfg Scale is greater, the output will be more in line with the input prompt and/or input image, but it will be distorted. On the other hand, the lower the Cfg Scale value, the more likely it is to drift away from the prompt or the input image, but the better quality is.

Understanding Control Weight

How much emphasis should the control map be relative to the prompt? It is similar to keyword weight in the prompt but applies to the control map. Control weight controls how much the control map is followed relative to the prompt. The lower the weight, the less ControlNet demands that the image follow the control map.


ControlNet, brought to you by the AI Labs team at Oraichain, seamlessly integrates AI image generation and stability, revolutionizing the world of art. Through the aiRight platform, we are excited to share this remarkable innovation with artists, offering a space where creativity flourishes. It’s a marketplace where artists can learn, create, and earn from their treasury. Join us on this thrilling journey as we unlock new realms of possibilities in the world of art!

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