aiRight Marketplace: Start Monetizing Your AI-Generated Content

aiRight Marketplace: Start Monetizing Your AI-Generated Content

We are excited to announce that aiRight Marketplace has enabled monetization options, enabling users to set prices, sell, buy, and download generative AI artworks and prompts. Users can start earning with the security of on-chain copyright using smart contracts on the blockchain.

aiRight is a Web3 platform for artistic creators and owners to participate in and discover the power of generative AI, using the most up-to-date AI models in the world, such as MidjourneyDALL-E, and Stable Diffusion. In addition to these latest integrations, aiRight has also incubated and released its own in-house AI models, including ControlNet and Text2Image.

aiRight offers a streamlined user experience that allows users to create their own collections, manage their minted assets, and purchase artworks directly from other owners.

To begin, Sign Up using your email address or Owallet if you already have one.

Connecting your OWallet to aiRight

Connect your existing OWallet in seconds and manage your assets from the top-up wallet.

  • Click on “Connect OWallet
  • Enter your Wallet Password (We recommend using OWallet extensions)
  • Sign the request
  • And you are connected!
Connect OWallet or SSO to get started

Seamlessly Purchase, Sell, and Download Artwork and Prompts

  1. Sell artworks/prompts

To sell artwork and prompts on aiRight Marketplace, users need to create an account and generate the artwork or prompt using the AI models provided. Once the artwork or prompt is generated, users can add details and set a price. aiRight also offers a royalty bonus system to incentivize creators.

Set price and royalty

2. Buy the artwork or prompt

Users can buy artwork and prompts from other users on the aiRight Marketplace using their OWallet.

Buy artwork

Note that the selling price is set by the owner, while the downloading price is just approved for general use (without commercial purposes).

3. Download the artwork or prompt

Downloading an artwork or prompt from the aiRight Marketplace only allows users to download and use it for general purposes without commercial use. Any commercial use without the permission of the owner could be considered illegal under the law.

The launch of the aiRight Marketplace is a significant milestone for the on-chain copyright protection of generative AI artworks. The integration of smart contracts makes the platform accessible and preserved, paving the way for the sustainable development of an artistic platform.

About aiRight:

aiRight, an in-house product of Oraichain Labs, is a multimedia platform that is well-positioned to become the go-to platform for managing and preserving AI-generated assets, such as artworks and prompts. Amidst the rapid development of AI, aiRight aims to be the first platform to protect the rights of AI owners and creators, creating a shared community that fosters creativity and innovation.

🌟 Stay tuned for up-to-date features on aiRight and exciting experiences to come!

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